How it Works


Photographed above is part of the Cloud Juice Process - our catchment facility - we call it - The Roof.  It’s a 400 square metre poly-carbonate structure with stainless gutters and food-grade polyethylene tanks.  Although relatively small this facility coupled with King Island’s annual rainfall  gives us a capacity of  500,000 bottles.  We have additional storage tanks which allow us capacity for those dry periods - usually not more than a week on King Island, given that it rains on average 180 days per year.

So the process goes like this - it rains - it fills the tanks up - we take it to the factory - we run it through some filters and ultra-violet light for extra-food safety - we bottle it and send it out.

Sounds simple.

Well basically it is pretty simple - except that most of our bottling is done by hand - we have a limited production and we take care of every bottle that leaves our factory - in fact we polish each one by hand before we put it in its box.