Be a piece of a puzzle that will eventually lead to a proper diagnosis. But if they can get your sleep back to some state of “normal” then you will be able to function and not go downhill like i did. Good luck, and maybe it’s just a passing thing due to stress. Who knows? Buy cheap viagra tablets And ruling out narcolepsy is important. As the illnesses that cause your hypersomnia and the path down which they will search for an answer will be different. cheap viagra Or rather if yo udo have narcolepsy then they will likely stop there and just treat that. viagra for sale If you don’t have narcolepsy then the search continues for the root cause. viagra prescription australia Richard asks… can you tell me anything about “idiopathic insomnia with physiological hypersomnia”? cheap viagra After 50 years (since infancy) of sleep troubles, i finally went to a “sleep doctor” in a neurology practice. buy cheap viagra Eventually, he gave me a polysomnogram, so he could record various brain and body information for a 20-hour period. In all of his 30 years of practice, i was his first patient diagnosed with the combination disorder “idiopathic insomnia with physiological hypersomnia“. viagra vs viagra alcohol I am relieved to confirm that it is “not all in my head” and i can finally get some medication to help with both issues, but i am stumped finding information about what is an apparently very obscure condition. Can anybody out there help me interpret the terminology? viagra 36 vs daily Thank you! Koop viagra online Admin answers: idiopathic is medical term for “we don’t know what causes this disease. buy cheap viagra ” so, you have insomnia but the cause is not known. As for physiological hypersomnia, you have hypersomnia caused by some physiological imbalance in your body. viagra 3 free trial voucher What that is, the doctor may or may not know. viagra vs viagra alcohol Brain damage, simply being overweight, and other random factors can contribute to hypersomnia. viagra sale australia Here’s a link to information on hypersomnia: you have an interesting condition, as you have both insomnia and hypersomnia — probably during different times of the day or in cycles. viagra vs viagra alcohol I wonder if it isn’t actually some other underlying condition producing your symptoms. where to get viagra fast in san diego no prescription Good luck to you — i hope you find relief from whatever ails you! viagra y el alcohol Edit: please note that physiological does not necessarily mean “physical” in the sense of the musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles). It refers to a chemical/hormone/enzyme imbalance in your body on the molecular level. cheap generic viagra Powered by yahoo! Answers posted in uncategorized. Comments off by admin – may 23, 2011 « questions and answers on rheumatoid arthritis symptoms questions and answers on carpal tunnel syndrome pregnancy » subscribe health health proudly powered by wordpress and carrington. Pfizer viagra price in pakistan Carrington theme. where to buy viagra over the counter in usa happens women they take viagra how long does it take for 100mg viagra to work viagra 100mg image free samples viagra viagra uso de viagra 10 mg key ingredients viagra viagra vs viagra which is better viagra online bestellen forum viagra high blood pressure medication